What is the bubble.io platform, and what does it offer?

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Bubble.io offers you to build your own mobile app, website, SaaS app, marketplace, and a lot of other stuff without any coding and with your own copyrights over your product. That is bubble.io for you.

Now we show you what Wikipedia says about bubble.io

Bubble is a visual programming language, a no-code development platform and an application platform as a service, developed by Bubble Group, that enables non-technical people to build web applications without needing to type code. Instead, users draw the interface by dragging and dropping elements onto a page and defining workflows to control the logic. Bubble’s vision is to make hand-coding for web applications largely obsolete.”


There is a curiosity and engagement over the internet is being found among the visionary productive people having non-coding backgrounds regarding the bubble.io platform as a helpful tool for the stuff they want to build and the ideas/dreams they want to manifest into reality. So, we at bestofgeeks.net are going to make a detailed post clustering with all those questions which are being asked by the people who are willing to work on bubble.io, but they need to know all the mandatory stuff before jumping on to bubble.io for good.

What is bubble IO used for?

Bubble.io is the new for application development, a tool that allows you to create feature-rich applications without writing a single line of code. So, even when you are a non-technical person, you can have your robust applications with this amazing tool only when you know leveraging it well.

Is bubble IO free to use?

Free to learn and build. Pay as you grow.

Bubble.io Free plan enables you to learn the platform and build your application. Paid plans offer additional features, such as white-labeling, a custom domain, access to the Bubble API, and reserved server capacity.

Is Bubble good for an app?

With those ideas in mind, Absolutely. Not only can you build a professional-looking and operating product, but you can also build one for free if you want.

Does Bubble.io own my app?

Intellectual property ownership

Bubble owns the code that runs your application, which is not app-specific. This is similar to that Microsoft owns Microsoft Word but does not own the books written with it.

How secure is Bubble.io?

In answer to this question, Bubble.io claims : 

“We take security extremely seriously. We encrypt all traffic to Bubble.io over HTTPS (the green padlock on your address bar) and automatically pass through Cloudflare for domains to help worldwide accessibility and Distributed Denial of Service Protection (DDoS).”

Is bubble IO low code or no-code?

Bubble.io is the most powerful no-code platform for creating digital products.

What language is bubble.io built on?

Javascript language

The core engine of Bubble is written in Javascript language. To date, developers will only be able to use Javascript to build custom integrations on top of Bubble.

What apps were made with Bubble?

The key examples of different types of apps built on Bubble.io are : 

  1. Escape the City
  2. Zoidii
  3. Marlow
  4. Fittever
  5. REPStracker

How many users does bubble.io have?

One Million Users

So why celebrate One Million Users? One Million Users puts Bubble.io on the map. Already, there is incredible demand for Bubble.io from early-stage founders, and a thriving ecosystem is gaining momentum around this demand.

Is bubble.io open source?

The bubble.io has guaranteed to release the source code of your app under an open-source license in case it goes out of business. With traditional web development, you have control over everything since the source code is written from scratch and hosted on a server of your choice.

Where is Bubble hosted?

AWS West Region

Bubble’s main cluster applications are hosted on AWS West Region (Oregon, US; this can be customized if you’re on a Dedicated Plan), maintaining a state-of-the-art security infrastructure. The team encrypts all traffic to bubble.io over HTTPS and encourages and supports clients to use encryption on their own domains.

Can you build websites with bubble.io?

The answer is yes if you’re using Bubble.io. Bubble.io lets you build sophisticated web apps using our drag-and-drop UI editor and powerful built-in workflows & database. Here are some of the most popular types of apps you can build in Bubble, with successful examples from our users and us.

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