Use of Free Stock Videos

Reasons, advantages and Impact

People from all walks of life who are currently linked with digital world and somehow they have to conduct tasks with what digital world offers in all.

 they are all in need of video content which can be helpful for them in the pursuit of their tasks.

This need leads us to a very specific kind of video content which offers value addition, is clean, and useful in so many ways and we call it FREE STOCK VIDEOS.


What is a free stock video?

A free stock video is basically a short video clip which is produced with a generic idea with not having one specific production goal to serve and it can be used on various platforms for various purposes.

What are the Reasons to Use Free Stock Videos?

As a content creator you have to make content which engages audience with what you create and stock videos come in handy in this regard.

Right stock video using at right place in your content can make a big effect with your target audience.

As a narrator when you are telling any story to your audience/followers then the rightly put free stock video in your story can lead you there where the audience can feel the story and its not just listening and watching anymore.

That is a big plus for you to convey your story with more strength.

As a presenter, free Stock video can help you in your presentation with more engagement and acceptance of what you’re presenting.

What are the advantages of using free stock videos?

First of all, the word free says it all. It’s free. You don’t have you pay for it.

  • You don’t have to hire a production crew to film it.
  • You don’t have to spend an handsome amount of your budget on it as quality video content demands more money and thought and time to get the job done.
  • You are not bound to buy this content as it has not copy rights for which you must pay.
  • It is high in quality and mostly filmed with high definition cameras.
  • It is made by highly professional team.
  • It 100% complies with your purpose.
  • It adds value to your story.
  • If you’re in corporate world and you steal a clip from some video then it is considered as a moral and legal theft and sometime you’ve to pay a price for it in terms of reputation, image and fine as well.
  • Free stock video frees you from all these problems.
  • Free stock video helps you with the theme in any given event you are holding.

What are the impacts of free stock videos?

When using free stock videos in selling your product, you have more chance with your sale to succeed.

In your story telling you manage to get the focused engagement with your story hence you get your followers and subscribers.

In your presentation you get to be impressed by the team/personnel you presented to.

All of above being said, free stock video/footages not only have impact on the audience of yours’s but mostly impact your self as a successful professional, presenter, speaker, narrator, story teller or a content creator whatever that is.

It helps your succeed with your goals through which you get your status increased, your earning high, you getting job, you getting increment and above all you as a wonderful and sane human being .

If you need to get some free stock video/footages for any certain given purpose or theme,

Here is a list of top ten free stock video/footages sites.

Top 10 Free Stock Video Sites