The most essential Gears and Gadgets for life (part 3)

The Gears and Gadgets technology world never gets saturated; instead, it keeps evolving with more and more stunning Gears and Gadgets.

Today, we will be showing you some mind-blowing Gears and Gadgets we just uncovered after a detailed investigation.


We all love keeping the best memories without family in a photo frame, and I’m convinced you would love this smart photo frame.

Nixplay is a 10.1-inch Smart Photo and video Frame designed to keep you connected and intimate with your loved ones always.

They are engineered to deliver the widest possible viewing angle while still maintaining raw and lively color reproduction of your photos and videos.

When activated, the frame’s built-in A.I. automatically position people nearer the center of the frame for the best viewing experience.

A smart sensor wakes the frame when you’re in the room and sleeps the frame when you’re out.

The Nixplay Mobile App is available on IOS and Google Playstore.

Nixplay App
Nixplay App
Developer: Nixplay
Price: Free
Developer: nixplay
Price: Free+

You can display your moments in landscape or portrait.

This would cost you $142.49


LAMBOGO is a durable High-Speed Wireless SSD Storage

Features includes:

Internal Cooling

LAMBOGO is installed with built-in fan. The anti-overheat protection design ensures steady heat dissipation for stable performance.

One touch copy

There is absolutely no requirement for a cable or computer; with just an external SD card or USB flash drive long, you can transfer and backup your data.

Backing up your files takes little or no time as it has a transfer speed up to 2400 MB/s – Oh my God, that’s about 17 times faster than other hard disks.

Wireless sharing

LAMBOGO can connect to multiple devices at the same time inside the same WIFI spectrum. You can now share your media library to anyone, making it much easier to download and share your files.

8TB storage

LAMBOGO has up to 8TB of space for data storage, meaning you have more than enough space for creating and backing up your contents.

Designed to safely store your files, especially when you intend to journey into the wilderness.

The most essential Gears and Gadgets for life Part 2

High transfer rate

Also, You can connect LAMBOGO with Wi-Fi and transfer your files wirelessly with speeds of up to 900 MB/s. One more unique feature is previewing your photos and streaming 4K videos directly from LAMBOGO to any device.

MagSnap wallet

I’ve got something to help you safely and stylishly cards.

What makes the MagSnap Wallet better?

MagSnap is a modern ultra-slim modular wallet that allows you to modify its design to your exact taste and preference.

Add a multitool, extra cards, cash band, and customize with different cover plates to make your perfect wallet.

Each card module is precision machined from aluminum alloy, can hold up to 5 flat cards, and clocks in at only 5.5mm thick.

Gears and Gadgets | MagSnap
Gears and Gadgets | MagSnap

The magnets that hold the card are super strong and use super-science-infused bi-pole magnets, which provide maximum strength and minimum magnetic interference, so your cards stay


Compared to other wallets, it remains thin even after adding the cards.

The card module can be mounted directly to your phone via the Ohsnap case or the MagSnap Plate.

The MagSnap Plate is compatible with almost all phones and cases.

It would cost you about $49.


The MechaClix MX10 is an RGB Ultra Thin Mechanical Keyboard designed with optimum precision to deliver you the best functionality.

As a high-performance keyboard, it was integrated with powerful multi-device Bluetooth capability and a sleek aluminium case for a beautiful look that beautifies your desk.

It contains fully advanced programmable RGB 360 lights.

Gears and Gadgets | Slim-mechanical-keyboard-features

The cutting-edge RGB technology is meant to help you improve your performance, speed, accuracy and contribute to your comfort while typing.

One of the latest development I admire most is the high definition analog control and per-key hall effect sensing for ultimate performance.

Mechaclix MX10 is available for $108.

Which of the reviewed Gears and Gadgets appealed you the most and which would you buy as per your aesthetic and satisfying needs? Let us know in the comment section below.

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