Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner

PowerDash Specially designed for pet stains on pet carpets

As we are already going on a series of different gears and gadgets which have made human life much easier on a significant scale, we have found a quite some helpful tool for households having trouble with the pet stains on a daily basis.

As human beings we all love pets as they are simply an asset for human life and its sense of belonging on this planet earth. Pets are for life, right!

We have come with this very handy PowerDash pet cleaner in gears and gadgets category  made by hoover, FH50700, which is superb with all kind of stains on your carpet with an innovative solution of hot water spray and then scrubbing the carpet with its uniquely designed brush and cleaning it all at once.


Its key features are :

  • Easy to use
  • Quite handy
  • Perfect for small carpets for pets
  • Have a hot water tank for spraying on carpet
  • Comes with a shampoo solution
  • Does the job well done

Its attracting factors are:

  • Very economical
  • Holds 1 year warranty
  • Catchy small gadget
  • Easy to store
  • Best for stains/pet stains
  • Best for small carpets
  • Quick filling up tank

For those who are more inclined for the gears and gadgets with having look on the specifications, look at this specification image below :

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 14 at 6.02.09 PM

And now we are covering some FAQs for the people who want to know about how to perform different jobs on the cleaner and issues with its usage and maintenance.


  • How to clean hoover PowerDash pet and how to clean hoover PowerDash pet dirty water tank?

Turn power OFF and unplug the power cord. Open the Quick Pour Spout to empty the tank. Rinse, and allow to air dry. Prior to replacing tank, check and clean filter as needed. Replace Dirty Water Tank by tilting back then rocking it forward to snap into place.

  • How to take apart hoover PowerDash pet carpet cleaner?

To reduce the risk of injury from moving parts, unplug before servicing. Remove the nozzle cover by pulling up and forward on the latch. Rinse nozzle cover and allow to air dry. Lay the product down to access the underside. Use a Philips screwdriver to remove 6 screws. Arrows show location of screws on the underside of your cleaner. Remove underside belt cover then pull brushroll out. Belt will still be attached to cleaner. Rinse brush roll and allow to air dry. Slide belt off shaft and remove. If replacing belt, install the new belt.

  • How to replace belt on hoover PowerDash pet?

Place new belt on motor shaft. Slip brush roll through belt. Position non-belt side end cap of brush roll into pockets.Carefully stretch belt to position the other end cap into the pocket. Replace belt cover and secure by replacing all 6 screws. Rotate brush rolls manually to make sure belt is not twisted or pinched.