Bilal Yasin

How to use free Stock videos

Use of Free Stock Videos

This need leads us to a very specific kind of video content which offers value addition, is clean, and useful in so many ways and we call it FREE STOCK VIDEOS.

Gears and Gadgets | Kaibo Flex The Next Gen Of Bone Conduction Headphones

Best Gears and Gadgets in 2022

5 best gears and gadgets of 2022 includes, ‘Kaibo flex’ specially designed bone conduction headphones, ‘Glove80’ The Incredibly Comfortable Keyboard. ‘DTV Shredder’, ‘Creality 3D scanner’, ‘Hipstar’ A hands free Cart/suitcase/Backpack.


BUZZCAST: A virtual/hybrid events holding platform

We live in an era where being connected is now considered as one of the necessities of daily life. All of the emerging technologies like BUZZCAST are about interconnectivity somehow. Individuals are connected to a lot of other individuals, which could not be comprehended by common imagination even a decade ago. You might think of … Read more